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Belarus ratified Agreement with Serbia on cooperation in combating the crime30 December 2013 Belarus passed the law on counteracting monopolistic activity23 December 2013 State program of cooperation with Belarusians living abroad approved16 December 2013 Belarus ratified agreement for the avoidance of double taxation with Singapore9 December 2013 The President of the Republic of Belarus signed <a target="_blank" href="http://law.by/main.aspx?guid=3871&amp;p0=P30600252e">the Edict No 531 &quot;On some issues of the informatization&quot;</a>3 December 2013 Court system in Belarus to be reformed2 December 2013 Amendments into the Law of the Republic of Belarus &quot;On republican and local meetings” approved25 November 2013 Belarus and Brazil to cancel visa requirements for short-term travel of their citizens18 November 2013 Agreement between Belarus and Bangladesh on visa-free travel for holders of diplomatic and service passports ratified11 November 2013 New measures for facilitating the implementation of investment projects approved4 November 2013