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Amendments to the Customs Code of the Customs Union to be discussed

The united board of the customs bodies of the Customs Union plans to complete the preparation of the amendments and additions to the Customs Code in 2013 under the aegis of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The results of the Customs Union operation, understanding of the areas of further work in strengthening economic integration adds confidence in the appearance of a strong player in the international arena soon.

There were developed and adopted 25 international agreements, 110 decisions of the Customs Union Commission and the Eurasian Economic Commission for customs regulation in the Customs Union. The parties implement joint programs and projects, first of all information and technological programs, to keep the goods which cross the customs borders of the Customs Union under control.

The State Customs Committee has also worked out a set of measures that are aimed to stimulate business activity, entrepreneurship development, increasing its contribution to the economic growth of the state. The customs system is ready for an open dialogue and takes all necessary measures to assist the implementation of the Directive No.4 “Development of entrepreneurship initiative and encouragement of business activity in the Republic of Belarus”. The committee stressed that integration into the international customs system is the main priority of the customs service of Belarus.