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2014 IIHF World Championship tickets regulations enter into force

The Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus as of 20 September 2013 № 829 approved the Regulations “On the order of the realization of tickets for the world ice hockey championship 2014 matches in Minsk”.

According to the Regulations the realization of tickets will start as of 30 September 2013 and continue till 25 may 2014. The ticket gives a right to assist a certain match of the championship. One ticket, electronic copy of the ticket or certificate gives the authorization only to its owner – foreign citizen, to enter the Republic of Belarus. At this, while entering or leaving the territory of the Republic of Belarus a foreign citizen must submit for verification a valid traveling document, the ticket, electronic copy of the ticket or certificate to attend the matches of the championship. For the owners of the tickets, the Resolution provides a visa-free entry during the world championship. The ticket owners will also be able to get the so-called tourist’s travel document which gives the right to use any public transport in Minsk free of charge.

The Resolution enters into force after its official publication.