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Some rules concerning control over transit of heavy load automobile vehicles changed11 August 2014 Regulations on determining strategically important concession objects are approved by the President4 August 2014 Rules concerning the movement of goods for personal use through the customs border of the Customs Union changed28 July 2014 Belarus ratified two Loan Agreements with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development21 July 2014 Significant amendments of the legislation of civil and economic procedure made14 July 2014 New Law on preventing legalization of incomes received by criminal means adopted in Belarus7 July 2014 Consular Regulations of the Republic of Belarus amended30 June 2014 Belarus approved the Law on Belarusians living abroad23 June 2014 Belarus ratified protocols on amendments of customs and tariff regulations of the Customs Union16 June 2014 New legislation concerning customs regulation entered into force9 June 2014