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Government has changed procedure of exchange trading for export of raw materials and produce10 March 2014 New rules concerning leasing activity to become effective in September 20143 March 2014 Regulations for maintaining record of political parties’ structures approved24 February 2014 Belarus Government approved the order of procurement of goods (works, services) for construction17 February 2014 Disposal charge for vehicles established10 February 2014 Belarus has acceded to the CIS Convention on standards of democratic elections3 February 2014 Law on customs regulation in the Republic of Belarus adopted27 January 2014 Belarus determined the number of licenses to be issued to foreign states for toll-free passage of road vehicles20 January 2014 Laws concerning the legal status of foreign nationals and stateless persons in Belarus amended13 January 2014 Plan on draft laws preparation for 2014 approved4 January 2014