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Belarus ratified an agreement of member states of the Eurasian Economic Union concerning ozone depleting substances28 December 2015 Protection of archeological objects and artefacts to be strengthened21 December 2015 Belarus and Turkmenistan to conclude agreement on encouragement and protection of investments14 December 2015 President approved development of digital banking technologies7 December 2015 Government approved the UNDP programme document for Belarus for 2016-202030 November 2015 Order of marking goods with verification (identification) marks to be changed23 November 2015 President approved additional conditions facilitating investments in Belarus16 November 2015 Civil Code provisions concerning entrepreneurial activity definition modified9 November 2015 Belarus - Thailand agreement on visa-free travels for holders of diplomatic and service passports ratified2 November 2015 Belarus ratified treaty on friendship and cooperation with People’s Republic of China26 October 2015