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Procedure for providing information to tax authorities of foreign states approved19 October 2015 Supreme Court approved guidelines for application of legislation regulating international legal assistance on criminal cases12 October 2015 Government approved guidelines for social rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction5 October 2015 Belarus signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities28 September 2015 Regulations for demolition of unused agriculture objects approved21 September 2015 Belarus and Bosnia and Herzegovina to conclude agreement on visa-free travel for holders of diplomatic, service and official passports14 September 2015 President Lukashenko signed decree on foreign gratuitous aid7 September 2015 Government approved agreement on cooperation in tourism with the Republic of Georgia31 August 2015 International military cooperation to be improved24 August 2015 Amendments in the Rules of the Road to enter into force17 August 2015