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President set down guidelines for further improvement of state administration30 March 2015 Government temporarily banned exportation of bovine raw hides and skins23 March 2015 Foreign tourists to be granted visa-free entry to the National park "Belovezhskaya pushcha"16 March 2015 Some issues regulated concerning payment of VAT on imported goods9 March 2015 National investment program for 2015 approved2 March 2015 Rules for using bills of exchange (promissory notes) in foreign trade set23 February 2015 New measures for control over compliance with technical regulations requirements approved16 February 2015 President signed into law harsher penalties for drug-related crimes9 February 2015 Time limit for state registration of immovable property for legal persons and individual entrepreneurs reduced2 February 2015 Penalties for illegal poppy seeds turnover increased26 January 2015