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President approved new arrangements for development of agroecotourism16 October 2017 Regulations concerning issuance, circulation and redemption of government bonds to be placed on the internal financial market approved9 October 2017 Government approved the National plan on improvement of conditions for children and protection of their rights2 October 2017 President approved regulations on tax consulting 25 September 2017 Government modified regulations on the procedure for placing information on public procurement 18 September 2017 Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus to provide credits to non-residents to facilitate the export of Byelorussian goods11 September 2017 Regulations governing importation of weapons to the territory of Belarus modified 4 September 2017 Belarus approved Agreement with Ecuador on recognition of education documents and diplomas on higher education28 August 2017 State program for development of agribusiness in the Republic of Belarus for 2016-2020 modified21 August 2017 Government approved the state program of machine-building industry development for 2017-202014 August 2017