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Call for maximum result from every ruble invested in Belarus' economy17 December 2019 Regulations on technical and cryptographic protection of information approved 16 December 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus, Tatarstan should step up efforts to develop cooperation13 December 2019 Heads of parliamentary commissions appointed in Belarus12 December 2019 Belarus president urges to keep tobacco prices in check11 December 2019 Government approved regulations concerning the waste management procedure9 December 2019 Lukashenko appoints senior officials of Belarus President Administration6 December 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus will not cede its sovereignty5 December 2019 Lukashenko: Belarus, Serbia will go all out to promote economic ties3 December 2019 President approved the procedure for enactment of international auditing standards on the territory of the Republic of Belarus2 December 2019