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Lukashenko instructs government to develop new road toll collection procedures

MINSK (BelTA) – The improvement of road toll collection procedures is discussed at the meeting hosted by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 16 November, BelTA informs.

According to the president, the road toll is collected to engage all users of roads in the financing of road maintenance. The overall length of Belarusian roads is almost 90,000km, and the density of roads is one of the highest in the CIS. “By the way, in the past ten years we spent about Br10 million on road maintenance,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “But unlike neighboring countries, we did not collect road toll for the passage of Belarusian automobiles even along the largest and fastest roads.”

More than 4.5 million transport vehicles are registered in Belarus. According to the head of state, in the existing conditions drivers understand that we need money for the maintenance of good roads. “You tell me, and the analysis of public opinion proves it, that the necessity to co-finance road maintenance and repairs goes without doubt. But the mechanism of road toll collection needs improvement,” the president said.

The so-called road toll was introduced in the country in 2014. According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, people believe that the mechanism of road toll collection does not take into account the intensity of using a transport vehicle, i.e. the frequency of using roads. In other words, people driving dozens of thousands of kilometers per year and pensioners using vehicles once or twice year for nearby travel pay equally.