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New Year address of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko to nation

Dear compatriots and guests of Belarus,

The time inexorably brings us closer to the last moments of the leap year 2020. We reflect on what we have faced this year and what awaits us in the future.

The departing year was eventful and like none other. It made Belarusians look for answers to the perennial questions: “Who are we?”, “What will happen to us and our children?”, “Where are we going?” and “What do we want?”

We have clearly realized what we have and what we can lose irretrievably.

The year has united the mankind in their pursuit to protect their health. God showed us our place in this world and warned us about responsibility for maintaining environmental balance.

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of the state, we have held out and gained confidence in the future. And the main thing is that we have secured the future for our children!

In short, we needed this year to understand who is who, to assess what we have done and to realize that we are the nation that can survive in this turbulent world only when we are united, only when we are together.

The rich historical background is our footing. We are the successors of the great generations of Belarusians who learned many lessons and stood many tests in the course of a thousand years. They were building their future with courage and confidence. And they never lost connection with the native land. This land is our everything. We will not be a nation without it.

The Trilogy of Native Land campaign, which ended in 2020, once again helped us realize that the native land is the source of our strength. This strength helps us accomplish our goals. When we sum up the results of 2015-2020, we see that we have a lot to be proud of.

Belarus has become a nuclear nation, has reached outer space, has launched the production of automobiles and electric cars, has opened a biotechnology company and a missile production facility, has developed IT.

But the main thing is that we have maintained food security. At a time when people in wealthy countries line up in kilometer-long queues for bread, our farmers have supplied Belarusians with essential foodstuffs.

People in uniform have warned our adversaries that they will not hesitate to defend the state and public security!

Doctors have shown their professionalism in the fight against serious diseases.

True teachers and lecturers have reaffirmed the high level of Belarusian education.

Belarusian researchers and engineers have designed unique products in machine-building, chemistry, petrochemistry.

It means that we do not stand still. The world has changed. So have we. Our transformations are the elaborate and well-considered evolution.

You know that some of us, having faced the challenges of the leap year, want the Belarus the way it was one year before.

Of course, I am glad that you have appreciated our achievements, but we will not return to the past. We do not have time to go back and to tread this path once again. We will definitely create the Belarus of the future, and it will be better than it is now. For this purpose we need to say goodbye to the year 2020 and to remember its lessons. All of us, who see the world differently, should realize that our common value is our land in the center of Europe.

This is what we have. And in order to preserve this land for our children, let's turn this page and start writing a new chapter of independent Belarus together. Let's make 2021 the year of people's unity.

Let's live by our wits and create our legacy with our own hands. We are a smart, tolerant and forward-looking nation. We can cherish, value and love like no one else! And if we want to be a success, we will be!

Dear friends,

In these minutes our hearts are beating strong. We are looking at our kith and kin with love, and we realize that they give us happiness and purpose. We thank them for support and faith which help us reach our goals and overcome any obstacles. And we hope that our dreams will definitely come true.

May the new year of 2021 be the year when the best, kindest and purest dreams come true!

On this course, I wish you, the patriots of our Motherland, courage, perseverance and patience! I wish your families and children peace and well-being. Be healthy and happy, and take care of each other.

I wish you and your guests a Happy New Year!