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Belarus' agricultural sector expands production potential, exports

MINSK (BelTA) – “The agro-industrial complex is one of the priorities of the Belarusian state policy. This is the most important area of activity which defines food, social, and political stability in society. Considerable results have been achieved in recent years. The basic criteria of food security have been guaranteed. The production potential is growing, and the geography of exports is expanding,” Aleksandr Subbotin said.

Belarus ranked 23rd in the Global Food Security ranking in 2020. The country was 36th in 2019. The availability of national programs and development of regulatory documents in food quality and safety were highly appreciated (26th position worldwide and 18th in Europe).

“There is an adequate level of production for such commodity items as milk (256 % of domestic needs), sugar (more than 176 %), vegetable oil (more than 232 %), meat (about 135 %), eggs (126 %), grain (107.5 %), potatoes and vegetables (more than 100 %) to meet the needs of the domestic market mainly through its own resources. An insufficient level is observed in fish (12 %), fruit and berries (67 %),” the deputy prime minister said.

Belarus produces several times more agricultural products and food per capita than the EAEU member states. In 2020, the country produced almost 600 kg of potatoes and 828 kg of milk per capita (more than in Russia and Armenia).

“The more intensive is the development of the industry, the more urgent is the need to improve relations in agricultural production, to work out new effective methods and models of development,” Aleksandr Subbotin said.