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Kochanova explains importance of bill on Belarusian People's Congress

MINSK ( BelTA) – The adoption of the law “On the Belarusian People's Congress” is of particular importance for the social and political system of our country, Chair of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Natalya Kochanova told BelTA.

“The adoption of the law “On the Belarusian People's Congress” is of great importance for the development of the regulatory environment and the socio-political system of our country. Belarus is building a unique model of people's power, when decisions on the country's most important matters are made collectively, based on broad public representation. Therefore, the Council of the Republic is responsible for closely monitoring the work on this document,” Natalya Kochanova said.

According to her, members of the Presidium and employees of the Secretariat are part of the working group to prepare the bill. The expert council has held multiple discussions about competences, formation and activities of the Belarusian People's Congress.

“Moreover, our representatives made part of the Constitutional Commission and the working group to finalize the draft amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. The constitutional provisions formalized the concept of the congress as a supreme representative body. Taking into consideration the importance of the work to determine the formation procedures for the Belarusian People's Congress, it makes sense to synchronize the development of the law “On the Belarusian People's Congress” with another new law “On Civil Society”,” the speaker added.