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Belarus to introduce licensing of potash export on 6 April

MINSK ( BelTA) – On 6 April Belarus will introduce the licensing procedure for the export of potash fertilizers. This decision was formalized by the Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 189 as of 29 March 2022, BelTA learned from the National Legal Internet Portal.

The export of mineral or chemical potash fertilizers is done by Belaruskali, Belarusian Potash Company and other legal entities under exclusive licenses issued by the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade based on the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Legal entities, with the exception of Belaruskali and Belarusian Potash Company, that want to obtain a license should send a letter to the manufacturer of potash fertilizers in Belarus indicating the desired amount of potash export, the countries of destination, copies of supporting documents on the upcoming prepayment (or the availability of a bank guarantee) in the amount of at least 50% of the total cost of potash fertilizers to be exported, and the agreements with transportation companies.

Letters from legal entities seeking a license are considered by the supervisory board of the potash fertilizer producer within three working days.

This document comes into force on 6 April.