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Belarus, Russia compile list of critical electronic parts, deliveries in progress

MINSK ( BelTA) – Belarus and Russia have compiled a list of electronic components of critical importance and Belarusian enterprises have already started shipping them. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement during the government conference held to discuss prospects of development of the microelectronics industry, BelTA has learned.

In June 2022 Aleksandr Lukashenko already held a conference to discuss the development of the Belarusian microelectronics industry. The main areas of work were determined back then taking into account competences and capabilities of Belarusian manufacturers in conditions of sanctions-fuelled pressure. “I am told that some progress has already been secured,” the president noted.

Belarus and Russia have compiled a list of critical components, which will be manufactured by Belarusian enterprises and a roadmap on mastering their production has been worked out. “We've already started shipping a number of parts to Russian enterprises. An agreement has been signed on setting up a Belarusian-Russian joint center for the development and production of photolithographic masks. It will enable joint R&D work and will reduce the dependence of Belarusian and Russian consumers on imports,” the president said.

The government has also approved a program to guide the development of Belarus' microelectronics industry till 2030. The head of state said he wanted a report on how well-calculated and ambitious the prospects and the current approach to the future development of the industry are. “What else is needed to advance manufacturing to a higher technological level? Let me remind you that we have investors, who are ready to finance projects. I would also like to learn how work on starting the production of the list of the electronic components the Russian manufacturing industry needs is progressing,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.