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Some documents of International Accounting Standards Board to be effective in Belarus as technical normative legal acts from 1 January 201912 March 2018 Financial program of the republican budget for 2018-2020 approved5 March 2018 Government determined the procedure for sending notifications about the beginning of carrying out economic activities26 February 2018 Regulations determining the process of development of state-wide classifiers approved 19 February 2018 Government approved regulations concerning implementation of projects in the China-Belarus industrial park "Great Stone"12 February 2018 Amended Law on counteracting monopolistic activities and developing competition officially published5 February 2018 President signed the Edict establishing the rates of some taxes for 2018 29 January 2018 Translation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus of 21 December 2017 No 8 “On development of digital economy” published 25 January 2018 New amendments of the Criminal Procedural Code of the Republic Belarus adopted22 January 2018 Legislation governing the issuance and use of documents for exit from and entry to the Republic of Belarus amended 15 January 2018