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Legal regulations for carrying out gambling business approved 13 August 2018 President cancelled compulsory sale of foreign currency by legal persons and individual entrepreneurs 6 August 2018 New amendments of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Belarus adopted30 July 2018 Zero income tax rate for foreign companies on separate credits and loans given to Belarusian organizations established25 July 2018 President approved measures aimed at stimulating the use of electric vehicles16 July 2018 Belarus ratified Agreement with China on mutual visa-free travel for holders of ordinary passports4 July 2018 Law on protection of consumer rights amended25 June 2018 President established grants for education to be awarded to foreign nationals 18 June 2018 Import of some articles of plaster from outside the Eurasian Economic Union to be temporarily licensed11 June 2018 Belarus and Russian Federation signed Agreement regulating some issues related to entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons to international sport events4 June 2018