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Import of portland cement from outside the Eurasian Economic Union to be temporarily licensed15 July 2019 Belarus government to use dedicated website to discuss draft legislation with public12 July 2019 Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk hailed as celebration of friendship, understanding12 July 2019 Importance of peace in Belarus amid global military instability emphasized10 July 2019 President approved Regulations on the state veterinary service8 July 2019 Belarus president: Memory of the Great Patriotic War is part of national self-awareness4 July 2019 Lukashenko wishes Happy Independence Day to all Belarusians2 July 2019 The Law modifying the legislation regulating housing relations officially published1 July 2019 Lukashenko: People's achievements shape Belarus' history27 June 2019 Lukashenko addresses UN states on occasion of 75th anniversary of Belarus' liberation25 June 2019