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Law on protection of consumer rights amended25 June 2018 President established grants for education to be awarded to foreign nationals 18 June 2018 Import of some articles of plaster from outside the Eurasian Economic Union to be temporarily licensed11 June 2018 Belarus and Russian Federation signed Agreement regulating some issues related to entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons to international sport events4 June 2018 Belarus ratified Convention with UK for the elimination of double taxation28 May 2018 Government approved procedure for obligatory legal examination of technical normative legal acts21 May 2018 Regulations on the order of verification of the utility model for compliance with the patentability conditions approved 14 May 2018 Belarus approved Agreement on cooperation in the field of information security7 May 2018 Volumes, forms and order of reporting by the subjects of the Forex market established3 May 2018 Services, provided to able-bodied unemployed citizens, at prices that ensure full recovery of economically justified costs for their provision are determined28 April 2018