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Lukashenko on funding priorities in sport18 December 2018 Lukashenko on Russia's tax maneuver: No catastrophe even in the worst scenario17 December 2018 Belarus passed the Law on specially protected natural territories17 December 2018 The National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus approved ratification of the Agreement with Netherlands on cooperation and mutual administrative assistance in customs matters10 December 2018 Government approved regulations on preliminary identification of Internet resources users3 December 2018 Government temporarily banned exportation of bovine raw hides and skins26 November 2018 Amendments to the Civil Procedural Code concerning international recovery of child support and other forms of family maintenance approved19 November 2018 Constitutional Court issued ruling concerning legal regulation in civil law of the use and protection of the citizen's image12 November 2018 Government approved its programme of activities for 2018-2020 5 November 2018 Belarus to license export of flax outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union29 October 2018