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Belarus needs effective collection, processing of recyclable materials

SHKLOV, 12 December (BelTA) – An effective system should be created in Belarus to collect and process recyclable materials, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko issued the relevant instruction to the government during his working trip to Mogilev Oblast on 12 December.

“The government should work out the relevant program. Enough charlatanry and some kind of fronting. Everything should be explained properly, with instructions assigned to town administrations. It is time for them to accomplish these tasks,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The matter of bringing things into order in this area was raised when the head of state visited the Shklov-based paper mill Spartak that had accomplished an investment project for retooling and reconstruction. The new capacity of the enterprise requires more raw materials, which include waste paper.

Vladimir Shulga, Chairman of the state timber and paper industry concern Bellesbumprom, told the head of state that there are plans to collect 230,000 tonnes of waste paper in Belarus in 2012, while the industry’s demand is about 300,000 tonnes per annum. It is estimated that over 0.5 million tonnes of this raw material is generated in Belarus every year. This is why collecting more waste paper is a priority. According to Vladimir Shulga, sorting and packaging the raw material is none the less important. At present waste paper is collected in bulk without any sorting depending on its quality. The government suggests the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services should take care of it.

“Next year we must collect 300,000 tonnes. It is not a problem. We should be able to add 50,000 tonnes to the figure in the first three years. The same applies to other areas,” said Alexander Lukashenko. He remarked that it was necessary to start collecting other recyclable materials more effectively such as waste metal and glass. As an example he mentioned the experience of past years when school students were involved in the process. “We used to collect a huge amount of waste metal and waste paper. It is time for us to return to that. This is why we need the relevant program,” said the head of state.

“We haven’t even started as far as recyclable materials are concerned,” said Alexander Lukashenko. He remarked that some Western countries use recyclable materials to make a considerable share of their products.