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Lukashenko suggests revising structure of Belarus’ science24 November 2011 Lukashenko: Scientists should be more helpful to the state24 November 2011 Belgorkhimprom in talks with GMC Global Energy plc on Slavkali design24 November 2011 Belarus might build five agrotowns in Venezuela24 November 2011 Venezuela keen to expand cooperation with Belarus23 November 2011 GDP should grow 5-5.5% in 2012, Lukashenko says23 November 2011 Belarus to produce1.5m tonnes of oil in Venezuela next year23 November 2011 Belarus ready to sign new gas contract, documents on Beltransgaz sale with Russia 25 November23 November 2011 No emission credits in Belarus in 201223 November 2011 Belarus expands international cooperation in legal sector22 November 2011