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Government expects constructive proposals from business, Myasnikovich says

MINSK, 4 October (BelTA) - The Government is waiting for constructive proposals from business, Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich said when speaking at an enlarged meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Ministers involving representatives of the Belarusian business community. The meeting examined the issues related to the Belarus-2011 national business platform.

The head of government expressed his hope that today’s meeting will be constructive and mutually beneficial. There are basic documents for that. They are being implemented despite the difficult situation,” said the Prime Minister.

“Proposals from business are very important, as the Government seeks to start 2012 with a package of normative legal acts of direct action,” said Mikhail Myasnikovich.

According to him, some firms-intermediaries, net importers have closed down following the changes in the exchange rate. The Premier believes that this is an objective process. “The Government has prioritized the policy to stimulate the development of productive and innovative business, processing companies operating on local raw materials, and also the services industry. It is these areas that will get priority attention,” said Mikhail Myasnikovich.

In January-August this year there were 39,191 business entities (37,288 in the same period of 2010). The number of organizations with foreign investments has increased. The number of small businesses for January-August of this year rose by 4,303, medium-sized organizations by 169.

In H1 export of small business reached $5.7 billion. This is actually the third part of the country’s total exports. However, imports of small business entities reached $ 5.9 billion over the same period, which was up 56% as compared with January-June last year.

An action plan to Directive No 4 of the Republic of Belarus is aimed at improving the business climate and creating favorable conditions for business development in the country. An array of important decisions has been taken by the government as part of the plan. Thus, the price legislation has been drastically simplified. The list of compulsory primary accounting documents has been reduced to eight documents from the previous 1,600. The information request procedures by the government bodies have been put in order. Advisory measures have been introduced to draw up a salary plan for employees of commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Terms to apply for state financial support have been streamlined for small business. City and town administrations, regional executive committees as well as local administrations have been vested with the authorities to provide such support. The period of confirming the export of goods by the relevant documents has been expanded. Gradual electronic state registration of juridical entities and individual entrepreneurs was introduced in the country on 1 September. The procedures of liquidating commercial organizations have been streamlined as well. The number of activities subject to licensing has been cut by one third.