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Lukashenko: Belarus learns to resist ‘revolutions through social networks’

MINSK, 26 October (BelTA) – Belarus has learnt to resist “revolutions through social networks”, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said at a session of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council, BelTA has learnt.

According to the President of Belarus, one needs to pay serious attention to the modern information space, as “only the blind do not see what is going on there”. “Information space is used to destabilize the situation in some countries,” Alexander Lukashenko said. To illustrate his point, he mentioned the events in the Arab world where the situation did not improve after the revolutions. For example, the recent election in Tunisia has brought to power radical islamists. It is yet to be seen what will come out of the elections in Egypt and Libya.

“We should not think that this is far away from us and we are immune from that. Neither should we be afraid of these “networks” and so on. Belarus has proved the point,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

In his words, this year has seen numerous attempts to destabilize the situation in Belarus, including with the help of the Internet and social networks. “We learnt to fight with this evil and we agreed to coordinate our efforts,” Alexander Lukashenko emphasized. “There is no fear, no prohibitions. We will no way shut down the Internet, blogs, pages in social networks. We are not counteracting. Go ahead, speak, discuss. But if it is something illegal, we will respond adequately,” the head of state said.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the leaders of the CSTO member states agreed to share best practices of protecting their information space.