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Belarus President to take closer look at foreign capital banks

MINSK, 25 October (BelTA) – A closer look will be taken at the commercial banks that operate in Belarus and have a share of foreign capital, including Russian capital, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as he met with Andrei Kostin, OAO VTB Bank Chairman of the Board, on 25 October.

The President stressed that the present situation is a test for relations with banks, including Russian and foreign ones.

He stressed that VTB Bank has done a lot and behaves in a decent manner. In particular, it helps Belarusian enterprises with loans and aids other banks with resources.

“Due to the difficulties in the currency market (we are not talking about their causes, you know them better), I’ve instructed the head of the National Bank to stay closer to commercial banks, to take an interest in their operation. Apart from correcting she should guide their operation to prevent slackness in Belarus,” remarked Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that sooner or later problems and hard times will end and calmer times will begin. “Then we will pay more attention to those, who paid attention to us during our hard time,” said the President.

“We will seriously take care of commercial banks and will try to very carefully use market methods to turn the banks towards the state,” remarked the President.

He said that VTB Bank did not have and would never have the problems that some others that had tried to stay away from what was going on in Belarus would.

The Belarus President told Andrei Kostin: “Your bank behaves properly and we are ready to continue serious relations with you. We will try to enable some advantages for your bank in Belarus in comparison with those that fail to understand us properly”.