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Lukashenko urges to cut subsidies for scientific and defense sector

MINSK, 20 October (BelTA) – There is a need to gradually reduce subsidies for enterprises of scientific and defense sector of the economy, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said when visiting the Peleng company on 20 October.

“Now we will thoroughly analyze why the money has been distributed, and no results have been achieved in import substitution,” the head of state said.

He stressed that in the future, it is necessary to invest in the development of the most promising import-substituting and export-oriented projects. The head of state touched upon the issue of personnel. In his view, priority should be given to those managers who, using modern approaches in management, can effectively run a business. “The so-called crisis has become a sort of indicator of the ability of managers to effectively manage the business, and we must make some conclusions in this regard,” underscored Alexander Lukashenko.

During the visit to the enterprise, the head of state was shown innovations and import-substituting equipment developed and manufactured by companies affiliated with the State Military Industrial Committee and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. In particular, the President got acquainted with the all-wheel-drive lightly-armored rapid response vehicle “Bars” and self-propelled anti-tank system "Ocelot". Modern polymer-composite amour and composite radar-proof material are used in their production. Alexander Lukashenko was also shown a portable antitank missile complex “Shershen”, different types of unmanned aerial vehicles, chassis-based platform to accommodate various models of weapons and military equipment. As reported to the head of state, all these samples are in high demand abroad. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized the need to increase the share of the Belarusian componentry in the production of the equipment. “We need to make more use of local resources,” underlined the Belarusian leader.

In addition to technology and equipment for military purposes, the President was shown the equipment which can be used for civilian purposes, including digital TV transmitter, communication terminal for locomotives, equipment for energy systems, optics, meteorological equipment.

Director of Agat System Valery Sysoyev touched upon hidden import. In his words, it is pretty easy in the current environment to assemble imported machines and equipment and sell them in Belarus under the “Made in Belarus” brand taking advantage of the preferences to domestic producers. The head of state ordered to examine the issue and amend the legal framework if necessary.

The Belarusian President was also showed the products and equipment produced by organizations affiliated with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The products included a machine for final polishing of optical and semiconducting surfaces, various types of modern materials, equipment for pattern cutting. The head of state was also told about advanced LED and plasma lamps. “As far as I understood, the Academy no longer needs budgetary funds; money can be provided only for specific projects,” Alexander Lukashenko concluded after seeing the exposition.

The head of state also visited the new building of the shop floor to assemble and test space machines of the Peleng company, learnt about the technological equipment of the shop floor and the assembly process. The Belarusian leader was showed an aerospace chamber completely imitating the space environment. Peleng Director General Vladimir Pokryshkin reported to the President that the company is operating well. In 2010 the company grew by 145% over 2009; in 2011 the figure is expected to exceed 150%. The order portfolio has been formed for 2012. There are orders up until 2017. The company is actively collaborating with other countries, including China and Russia; 95% of the produce is exported.