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Lukashenko: There is no closed area for the prosecutor

MINSK, 3 August (BelTA) – Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko sees no reason to delimit the responsibilities of the prosecutor’s office from other law enforcement bodies and watchdogs. The head of state made this statement at the government session held on 2 August to discuss performance improvement of prosecution bodies.

“You should be able to terminate any violation of the law and immediately make any government body aware of the violation of the registration and human rights. The prosecutor can interfere in any area if he sees there is something wrong there. That does not mean, however, that you should conduct some sort of checks in the room of the State Control Committee or executive bodies. Although perhaps they are needed somewhere. You have the right to use any specialist to assess the situation,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President noted that prosecutors have broad powers: “You even can bring the governor to the responsibility if he is guilty. And not even governors, any minister. A call to the Prosecutor General, he has got a hot line with the President. He gets the relevant permit for certain actions. The system is clear and simple. That is why there is no need to divide the powers. At the same time they should not be duplicated either.”

Alexander Lukashenko emphasized the need to maintain a constructive dialogue with the Investigating Committee, the Prosecutor’s Office, and other law enforcement bodies. “There should be no competition or interagency conflicts. We are all linked together in a common cause,” the President said.