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Lukashenko: Attacks on Belarus’ sovereignty are futile

MINSK, 23 February (BelTA) – President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko believes that the attempts to destroy Belarus’ sovereignty are abortive. The President made this statement at a reception attended by the key personnel of the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of Belarus, BelTA has learnt.

According to the head of state, information and psychological expansionism coupled with military power still dominates the choice of instruments to resolve international disputes. In disguise of benevolent causes, more and more countries are becoming the target of open aggression. Using a variety of political and information technologies, they violently overturned the government in a number of countries in North Africa. An open military interference of the Nato with the domestic affairs of the sovereign Libya led to the extinction of the fast-developing state. The same scenario can be applied to Syria, Iran and other countries, Alexander Lukashenko said.

The President underlined that the economic, political and information pressure on Belarus is getting more sophisticated, persistent and intense. They introduce economic sanctions against companies and visa restrictions against individuals.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that at present the defense of the Fatherland is no longer the prerogative of the military only. Now it is the responsibility of everyone – an officer, a scientist, a businessman, a worker, an IT specialist and an agricultural worker. After all, the strategic superiority in any confrontation depends on the consolidation of the society, Alexander Lukashenko said. He underlined that success can be achieved by combining the military power, scientific potential and exceptional patriotism of people.

Only a blind one does not see the futility of the attacks on our sovereignty, the President noted.

Alexander Lukashenko believes that the analysis of the recent events in the country confirms the strength of the Belarusian sociopolitical and economic model. The defense system of the country will ensure peace and stability.

The President added, “Being the Commander-In-Chief, I know full well about the current situation with the maintenance of law enforcement agencies. I have spoken about it on numerous occasions. We are going to resolve the problems as soon as possible”.

The head of state congratulated everyone on the Fatherland Defenders and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus Day and expressed gratitude for fortitude, courage and dedication.

At the reception Alexander Lukashenko presented general’s shoulder-straps to the top officers of the law enforcement agencies.