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Belarus-China joint venture to increase harvester production

GOMEL, 31 January (BelTA) – The Belarusian-Chinese joint venture Harbin Dong Jin Gomel Agricultural Engineering Enterprise (Heilonhjiang Province, China) plans to produce and sell at least 500 forage and ear corn harvesters in 2012 (up 60%), BelTA learnt from First Deputy Director General of the Gomselmash Production Association Ivan Proturo.

According to him, these numbers were coordinated in Gomel during the negotiations between founders of the joint company – Gomselmash and Dong Jin Group. There are plans to sell the product beyond Heilonhjiang Province.

The main product of the company will be ear corn harvester 4YZQ-4 and its upgraded model YZQ-4-1.

Reducing the cost of the equipment is the most important factor for the domestic producer. First, there is a need to somehow offset high transport costs to deliver component parts from Belarus to China. Secondly, it is necessary to withstand the tough competition from the joint venture, among the founders of which is the world-renowned John Deere. “They work almost in the same city and produce similar technique. This seriously motivates us, and I think the mood of our competitors is the same. There is an unspoken competition,” Ivan Proturo said.

The Belarusian-Chinese joint venture was founded in 2009 by Gomselmash and Dong Jin Group Corporation (China). The joint venture assembles self-propelled forage harvesters KSK-600 “Palesse FS60” and ear corn harvesters.

The manufacturing corporation Gomselmash is a multi-business producer of machines designed to cultivate and harvest crops using contemporary agrarian technologies. The Gomselmash line-up includes machines for harvesting grain, forage crops, sugar beet, and potato.