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Belarus plans to export $5bn worth of farm produce in 2012

KAMENETS DISTRICT, 27 July (BelTA) – In 2012 Belarus plans to export nearly $5 billion worth of agricultural products, Vice Premier Mikhail Rusy reported to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko who is on a working trip to Brest Oblast.

“This year we are planning to earn $4.7 -4.8 billion on the export of agricultural products,” said the Vice Premier and noted that the demand for Belarusian products is high enough.

"Five billion is a very good psychological point. We need to make it $5 billion, and then it will be easier for us to pronounce $7 billion by the end of the five-year period,” the President said.

As it was reported to the head of state, this year Belarusian farmers are looking to have a very good harvest of many crops. This will help the country fully meet its needs in farm produce and also export large amounts.

In particular, when talking about the harvest of brewing barley, the President said: It is necessary to harvest brewing barley as fast as possible. The weather is not going to be this good forever. We can process it into malt and sell it afterwards. We need to buy as much barley as possible from households.

This year Belarus will have a good harvest of colza. According to Acting Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Marinich, the harvest of this crop has already exceeded last year’s 2.5 times. There are good chances to sell it abroad at a good price. In this respect, Alexander Lukashenko drew special attention to the need for proper organization of colza processing. “Colza processing means fodder, oil, value added, taxes, jobs.” With respect to the cultivation of the crop in the country, the President said: “This year we perfected the technology, and determined the amounts too."

Another product that can make a good export item for Belarus is buckwheat. "There is a shortage of buckwheat this year, especially in Russia. The sales markets are many,” the head of state said addressing the officials in charge.