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Belarus population at 9,457,500 as of 1 July 2012

MINSK, 26 July (BelTA) - According to updated information, the population of Belarus was estimated at 9,457,500 as of 1 July 2012, BelTA learnt from Spokesperson for the National Statistics Committee Yelena Kondratenko.

In comparison with 1 January 2012, the population decreased by 7,700.

In H1 2012 Belarus’ population increased only in Minsk from 1,885,100 people on 1 January 2012 to 1,888,900 as of 1 July 2012. The other regions witnessed a decrease in population over the same period. As of 1 July 2012 population in Gomel Oblast stood at 1,428,500, in Minsk Oblast 1,401,900, in Brest Oblast 1,390,500, in Vitebsk Oblast 1,210,300, in Mogilev Oblast 1,077,600 and in Grodno Oblast 1,059,800.

Belarus retains a positive migration gain — 2,059 people in January-June 2012 (6,580 in and 4,521 out).

According to the latest information, 54,155 kids were born in H1 2012 (up 3,354 as against the same period last year). In January-June Belarus’ birth rate index totaled 11.5 per 1,000 capita (up 0.7 per mille as against the same period last year). Brest Oblast leads with 12.4 per mille while Vitebsk Oblast has the lowest birth rate index of 10.2 per mille.

In H1 2012 63,892 people died (down 5,576 from the same period last year). Natural population loss amounted to 9,737. The crude death rate stood at 13.6/1000 population (down 1.2 per mille as against the same period last year). Vitebsk Oblast leads with 15.9 per mille while Minsk has the lowest figure of 9.4 per mille.