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Belarus foreign trade surplus fueled ‘not only by oil products’

MINSK, 25 July (BelTA) – The increase in the Belarus foreign trade surplus has been fuelled not only by oil, oil products, solvents, and dilutants, Deputy Economy Minister of Belarus Alexander Yaroshenko told a press conference on 25 July.

Alexander Yaroshenko said they had modeled the country’s foreign trade without these products that considerably influence export. Even then export exceeded import by nearly 20 percentage points. As a result, in January-May 2012 the foreign trade surplus improved by $2.3 billion, stated the official. “These are other products, not oil products,” he specified.

According to Alexander Yaroshenko, this year has demonstrated an improvement over the previous year situation. The foreign trade balance has improved to $4.6 billion. Half of it has been secured by merchandise relating to oil processing and oil products as well as everything relating to petrochemical products. “If you combine all the products and subtract them from the foreign trade balance, our increase in other products will be $2.34 billion,” he said.