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Russia has no list for privatizing Belarusian enterprises

MINSK, 6 June (BelTA) – Russia has no list of Belarusian enterprises to be privatized, Ambassador of Russia to Belarus Alexander Surikov told a press conference in Minsk on 6 June.

In his words, the Russian side is primarily interested in the recovery of the Belarusian economy from the point of view of its modernization. The idea is to invest in modernizing Belarusian enterprises to make them competitive on the global market. Both Russia and Belarus are interested in making it happen.

The diplomat emphasized: “There is no list of enterprises that will be allegedly sold to Russian business. The Russian business plans to invest in the Belarusian production sector, naturally in exchange for a share of assets”.

He pointed out Russian business is intent on investing in the Belarusian oil processing industry. “Our oil extracting companies have an interest but no agreement has been reached and therefore the process is stalled for now,” said Alexander Surikov. He did not rule out the interest of representatives of the Russian potash industry in doing business together with Belarus. In his opinion, it would contribute to the enlargement of interests and a tougher stance on foreign markets. “Automakers, MAZ and KamAZ, may have an interest in setting up a holding company or a joint venture,” said the diplomat.

“The key task and our interest is to create a more effective economy that will help Belarus and Russia raise living standards of the people even more in the end,” concluded the diplomat.