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Lukashenko: West’s allies realized that Arab East took the wrong turn

MINSK, 26 June (BelTA) – Some allies of the West have already realized that what they got in the Arab East was definitely not what they wanted, Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview to the Venezolana de Television TV Channel ahead of his visit to Venezuela, BelTA learnt from the press service of the head of state.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, the global powers, like America, the European Union, have various influence zones. However, there are areas where they cannot extend their reach no matter how much they want it. For example, they wanted to subdue Arab countries. “It seemed pretty easy in Tunisia and Egypt; it was more difficult in Libya. There are certain areas of influence in the Arab East. They did not touch Jordan and Israel. They switched to Syria. Earlier was Iraq. After that will be Iran. Everything is pretty complicated. And governments of these countries learnt to resist. And the international community discerned their plans,” the head of state said.

“Some allies of those who are trying to turn countries upside down saw what happened in Libya and Egypt and realized that it is not what they wanted. They realized that it was quite possible to engage in a dialogue with Gaddafi and Mubarak, while it would be next to impossible even to talk with those who came to power in these countries, to say nothing of a dialogue,” Alexander Lukashenko said. It is difficult to say how this struggle in the energy-rich region is going to end. After all, countries, like Syria have many influential friends, like Russia, China and Iran. “There is a clash of interests of gigantic states. If these developments proceed, there will be bad consequences on the global scale,” the President said.

Where such a policy leads to can be seen at the example of Afghanistan. “Nato countries launched a war in Afghanistan to create a controllable zone under the guise of a fight against drugs traffic. Where did it lead to? They almost destroyed the country, but never won,” the head of state said.

Alexander Lukashenko also cited an example of Colombia where American bases are located. “Colombians, the same as Venezuelans and Ecuador, want to live in an independent state. The Colombian elites understand it and draw a parallel with Afghanistan. No one wishes such future for Colombia. The Colombian state and its people need time to get free from this dependence,” the head of state believes.

In his words, Venezuela and Ecuador exemplify a different policy, and this has an impact on the Colombian society. “One should demonstrate that it is possible to live in peace and concord and be independent. It is possible to be an independent state and not an area for controlling the neighboring states,” the President noted.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, one should understand that if you pose a threat to other countries, you will always be under their control. “I doubt that the Colombian people will agree to live at the gunpoint of other states,” he added.

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that sooner or later these nations will be independent and will rule their countries themselves. “This process is objective. It cannot be stopped,” the head of state said.