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Belarus to build strong economic ties with Latin America26 June 2012 Naryshkin: Belarus’ membership in EEU makes it equal, efficient partner of EU26 June 2012 Sergei Naryshkin’s visit to Belarus of great significance, Andreichenko says26 June 2012 Lukashenko: West’s allies realized that Arab East took the wrong turn26 June 2012 Lukashenko, Chavez to discuss joint large-scale projects26 June 2012 Belarus-Russia Interbank Currency Council meet in Polotsk25 June 2012 Cooperation agreement between Parliaments of Belarus and Moldova signed in Minsk25 June 2012 Belarus, Cuba to outline new cooperation areas25 June 2012 Lukashenko convinced of successful cooperation between Belarus, Slovenia25 June 2012 Lukashenko on a visit to Latin-American region25 June 2012