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Lukashenko urges to resolve all problems in Minsk, the oblast

MINSK, 26 March (BelTA) – All problems in Minsk and the oblast should be resolved, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko as he received reports from Minsk Oblast governor Boris Batura and Minsk mayor Nikolai Ladutko on 26 March.

The press service of the Belarusian leader quoted Alexander Lukashenko as saying the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss problems in regions of the country. Alexander Lukashenko reminded he had received similar reports from the heads of the Vitebsk Oblast and Gomel Oblast administrations and the practice will continue.

Minsk and the oblast have a special status. Their contribution to the national economy and the nation’s life is enormous. “Special status entails special responsibility. Belarus’ development depends on these two regions,” said the President.

The head of state said Minsk Oblast has nothing to boast about. This year’s industrial output has placed the oblast at the fifth position, with the agricultural output at the fourth position. Minsk Oblast is a leader in the finished goods stock. “Net losses of corporations have nearly tripled. It means outstanding debts of enterprises to the state budget and banks. It is not the complete list of problems relating to social and economic development of Minsk Oblast,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

In his words, not everything is fine in Minsk proper. Even last year the finished goods stock of industrial enterprises in Minsk increased, the number of loss-making enterprises grew.

“Mass media have pointed out that in some places in Minsk asphalt has melted faster than snow. Low investment activity and unsatisfactory cooperation with foreign investors are the key problems of the city. Even after our principled discussion red-taping practices are abundant in the operation of the Minsk City Executive Committee,” said the head of state.

The President pointed out in Minsk capital investments per employee are the lowest while the share of foreign sources in the total investments is second worst after Brest Oblast. “Something has to be seriously changed here,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander Lukashenko reminded Minsk will host a world ice hockey championship in 2014. “We should prepare for the sports event properly,” stressed the President.

The head of state also touched upon the creation of the Chinese-Belarusian industrial park. Alexander Lukashenko believes there is too much talk and speculations about it.

Alexander Lukashenko told Minsk Oblast governor Boris Batura: “We shouldn’t hide something from common people and shouldn’t infringe their rights. We have enough space to develop this industrial park. I know you would love to have such a powerful corporation in Minsk Oblast but you should plainly explain the situation to the people. If there are some issues, they have to be dealt with. I underline it once again we have all the necessary things for it”.

Alexander Lukashenko also spoke about preparations for the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

“Just like representatives of previous oblasts you should be concerned that we have about half a year to go till the next parliamentary elections. We should take serious decisions in order to properly prepare for these parliamentary elections so that we don’t feel shame before the people,” said the head of state.