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Belaya Rus in no hurry to become political party

MINSK, 5 November (BelTA) – The national public association Belaya Rus will not try to become a political party fast, Mr Alexander Radkov, Chairman of the public association Belaya Rus, told media on 3 November.

According to the source, in five years since its establishment Belaya Rus has grown to be a major public and political association that directly influences the structure of the country’s civil society and hence plays a large part in determining its development vector. “The internal and external situation should grow mature for the transition to the party status. For now the majority of the members of our organization believe that the transition would be premature,” he said.

The establishment of a civil society in Belarus has just begun, the self-awareness grows more mature, said Alexander Radkov. Besides, now the association can develop using territorial and industry branch principles while the party concept will leave only the territory principle.

The Belaya Rus Chairman remarked that in his address to the parliament and the nation in May 2012 the head of state remarked that a civil society and democracy cannot be born because a presidential decree is signed. The civil society and democracy are born and grow mature in minds of millions of responsible citizens. Therefore, prospects of building a civil society in Belarus are directly related to the operation of public organizations, among which Belaya Rus has acquired sufficient weight, believes Alexander Radkov.

“It is confirmed by the interest, the eagerness of foreign and international organizations to establish ties and contacts with us, by multiple requests for cooperation. An increased interest in Belaya Rus’ views on all the public and political life matters is demonstrated,” he remarked. The national public association Belaya Rus meets the five-year anniversary as a strong organization with experience of political campaigns and, most of all, a clear understanding of ways and methods to achieve goals.