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Belarus steel output 3.6% up in January-September

MINSK, 5 November (BelTA) – In January-September 2012 Belarus’ steel output went up 3.6% from the same period of last year to 2.172 million tonnes, the National Statistics Committee told BelTA.

In January-September 2012 the output of rolled products amounted to 1.977 million tonnes, 104.3% as against the same period of last year. As much as 327,000 tonnes of unalloyed steel wire was made, 3.1% up.

At the same time the output of metal cord dropped to 69,800 tonnes in January-September, 96.3% as against the same period of last year. The production growth rate of some other kinds of products went down, including steel pipes (down to 97.7%), alloyed steel wire (76.1%), radiators (96.2%), structural steel assemblies for civil engineering (96.5%), and metal mesh (90.9%). The reduction of the output of certain metal products is attributed to the lower prices for these products on the global market.

All in all, the growth rate of metal products output in Belarus totaled 103.2% in January-September 2012, with Br29.836 trillion worth of merchandise made. Thus, the growth trend becomes stronger: in January-August the growth rate stood at 102.5%, in January-July 102.3%, in H1 2012 the growth rate stood at 101.2%.

As of 1 October 2012 the finished goods inventory in the metallurgy industry and the manufacturing of ready-made metal products amounted to 70.3% of the average monthly output, or Br1.665 trillion. The finished stock is made up mainly of central heating boilers, radiators, and metal mesh.