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Belarus President’s personnel decisions ‘not based on loyalty’

MINSK, 1 November (BelTA) – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he does not appoint people based on their loyalty. Alexander Lukashenko made the relevant statement at the session of the Executive Committee of the National Olympic Committee of Belarus on 1 November, BelTA has learned.

“No people should be appointed to any positions based on their loyalty. Don’t think that I appoint people in an offhand manner. I seriously examine them before appointing. The key thing is that a person should be an ardent professional, who should do his or her best at work,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The Belarus President explained why he had appointed new top executives for the sports industry. “I recommended Igor Rachkovsky as the First Vice President of the National Olympic Committee. I think he is full of promise in this area,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state remarked that sport had become big politics and big economy. “The removal of national borders and the advancement towards the wide field of international relations have become most important traits of sport,” he said.

Mr Maxim Ryzhenkov has been appointed Belarus President Aide for physical training, sports, and tourism development as a man “with experience of diplomatic service, who can contribute a lot to sport,” said the head of state.

The Belarus President has great hopes for new Sports and Tourism Minister Mr Alexander Shamko. Previously he was in charge of the rescue and firefighting sport in the Emergencies Ministry. The team has won multiple world championships. Speaking about the new sport executives, Alexander Lukashenko said: “These are not accidental people for sport and the government system. They are solid men, two generals with a high rank and profound knowledge and love for sport, who have experience of working in this field”.

Alexander Lukashenko explained his reasons behind the appointment of the new executives for the sport industry: “I wanted to appoint people from the outside. I didn’t seek candidates among so-called sport specialists. Because I am concerned not only by the lack of effort of the former executives but also by corruption among them. I had to avoid a clan system and therefore appointed and recommended people from the outside. These are people, who understand and love sport”.

The head of state continued: “People, who have never practiced sports, cannot be sport industry executives. All the three appointees have a hands-on experience of sports. There are no hidden reasons in these appointments”.

Alexander Lukashenko remarked that the new sport executives are people, who love the country and sports, knowledgeable people able to master what is available and modernize the system. It is the task they have been instructed to accomplish. The most important thing is working, acting, moving on.