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Belarus, Turkmenistan sign protocol on tax terms for investors22 November 2012 Gazprom to implement gas-engine fuel project in Belarus22 November 2012 Riga to host Belarusian-Latvian ministerial consultations 28 November22 November 2012 Visits of Russia regional delegations contribute to economic, political contacts with Belarus22 November 2012 Belarus President pleased with cooperation with Gazprom22 November 2012 NBRB expects to get fourth tranche of EurAsEC loan in 201221 November 2012 No money emission to raise GDP in Belarus21 November 2012 Lending to Belarus government programs still available21 November 2012 EaP, EU discuss cooperation in agriculture at Brussels meeting21 November 2012 India ready to buy 2.7m tonnes of Belarusian fertilizers, Bangladesh 750,000 tonnes21 November 2012