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Persian Gulf states ready to invest in Belarusian science

MINSK, 25 October (BelTA) - The Persian Gulf states are ready to invest in Belarusian science, Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) Sergei Chizhik told reporters.

According to him, many Belarusian projects and studies are funded by Saudi Arabia today. The country, whose derives its main income from oil export, is ready to continue to invest in advanced research projects of Belarusian scientists.

Qatar is ready to invest in Belarusian science too. However, unlike Saudi Arabia, Qatar is planning not only to invest in research in Belarus but to invite Belarusian scientists over. In the nearest time we are planning to discuss the cooperation with Qatar in R&D more closely. However, Belarus is not going to encourage “the brain drain”, stressed Sergei Chizhik.

Sergei Chizhik said that Belarus managed to preserve its scientific potential. The organizational structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus envisages the whole lineup, from the idea to the development of a trial batch and production of ready-made goods.

The National Academy of Sciences has set up 10 scientific practical centers and associations so far. These organizations allow for new Belarusian know-how in the production. On the whole, applied research accounts for 86% of the total funds allocated for science in Belarus; basic studies for 14%. The budget covers 30% of the spending, with up to 70% coming from other resources.

According to the scientist, Belarus needs to pay more attention to both the applied research and basic studies as other countries and big transnational corporations do.