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Belarus government prioritizes economy modernization

MINSK, 23 October (BelTA) – Modernizing the economy is a priority for Belarus. Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich made the statement at the session of the Council of Ministers Presidium on 23 October. The session discussed the progress in fulfilling government resolutions on modernizing existing enterprises, BelTA has learned.

The Prime Minister stressed: “Economy modernization is a priority. Without development it is impossible to make new products, without new products export is impossible. Therefore, detailed work with each and every enterprise is now high on the agenda of the government work”. These matters are constantly monitored. The government is expected to review efforts of several ministries and regions in this area at least once a month.

Belarusian Architecture and Construction Minister Mr Anatoly Nichkasov remarked that in line with instructions of the head of state and the government every corporation that reports to the Ministry had developed modernization plans that run till 2015. The plans provide for measures to increase earnings per employee, to increase labor productivity and salaries. There are plans to modernize a total of 82 corporations that report to the Ministry, including 39 industrial enterprises and 43 construction enterprises.

As much as $317 million will be spent on accomplishing the modernization plans of construction enterprises, including about $25 million in net foreign direct investments. The construction enterprises the Ministry runs will create over 9,000 high-performance jobs. The surplus of the foreign trade in construction services is expected to exceed $200 million in 2015.

The salaries paid in the civil engineering industry are expected to rise considerably. “We expect the average salary to reach Br10 million. Meanwhile, the output per employee will be increased as well. We plan to double the indicator,” said the Minister. The modernization of enterprises and corporations of the Architecture and Construction Ministry will allow manufacturing import substitutes and export-oriented products. It will allow setting up new enterprises, including those to make energy-saving glass and glass wool. A factory to make sodium carbonate will be built in Belarus. There are plans to implement other major projects, too.

Anatoly Nichkasov concluded: “We should achieve a new level of effectiveness, physical infrastructure, and the quality of work in the civil engineering industry. To do it, we need new equipment, mechanical facilities, and personnel training”.