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Belarus Foreign Ministry refutes US accusations against Belvneshpromservice

MINSK, 20 September (BelTA) – Accusations made by the United States of America against the Belarusian company Belvneshpromservice are groundless and do not reflect the reality, Andrei Savinykh, Head of the Information Office, Press Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, told BelTA.

The official said: “All the accusations made by the American side against Belvneshpromservice Company are groundless and fail to reflect the reality. The accusations are nothing but an attempt to put pressure on Belarus for the country’s open and principled stance in favor of a peaceful resolution of the domestic conflict in Syria”.

He also said that Belarus has always unfailingly fulfilled resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Andrei Savinykh said: “This is why the unilateral sanctions imposed by the USA contradict the spirit of productive cooperation between nations on the basis of the international law and mutual respect. We strongly reject such approaches and believe that the enforcement of unilateral measures is inadmissible”.