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Makei: NAM should build up economic ties among its countries

MINSK, 31 August (BelTA) - The Non-Aligned Movement should be used to the purpose of building up economic and technological ties among its countries, Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei said in his speech at the 16th Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran. The speech is available at the official website of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, BelTA has learnt.

According to the minister, the evolution of the Non-Aligned Movement over the last two decades somehow proceeded in a way as to sharpen our gathering’s focus on political matters. “It was understandable since the end of the Cold War has created a political rather than any other kind of vacuum. Naturally, major global stakeholders, including the Movement, began then groping for a political place in an emerging international constellation,” Vladimir Makei said.

“The downside of this process for us was that we seem to have somewhat lost sight of our heretofore preoccupation with global economics. It is particularly regrettable given that once the Movement did have a very commendable economic record,” the Foreign Minister of Belarus stressed. Specifically, he reminded the participants of the forum of the Declaration on the New International Economic Order – a genuinely landmark document, which spearheaded by the Non-Aligned Movement and adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1974.

“Indeed, it is economics that underpins politics rather than the other way around. The Non-Aligned countries had such a grasp of things in 1974 and that, among other important factors, was instrumental in their outstanding performance throughout the first few decades of Movement’s existence. I think there is no need today to expatiate on the matter and try to persuade anyone of the veracity of that dictum. After all, everyone can plainly see these days that it is the well-endowed and economically empowered countries rather than otherwise, which, at the same time, hold sway in global politics,” Vladimir Makei said.

The Non-Aligned Movement and its Member States will be able to gain in authority and influence only if they significantly increase their “foothold” in the domain of economics, namely, in economic and technological development. Therefore, Belarus is of the firm belief that the scope of partnership in the Movement should be unequivivocally harnessed to the purpose of building up economic and technological ties among its countries. That is why we must clearly state this intention in the Movement and proceed to diligently act upon it,” the Foreign Minister stressed.

“In this regard, Belarus would like to appeal once again to NAM’s Member States to support the idea of a Global Fund on new green technologies, which, in our view, might cover, in particular, such areas as energy, transport, industry and agriculture,” Vladimir Makei said.

The Belarusian Foreign Minister is convinced that the Movement can and must become a leader in addressing the exigencies that, on the one hand, give rise to global instability, while, on the other, burden the international community with other potential contingencies. “Our voice should be loud and clear, and it should be heard by the G8 and G20, as well as inside the United Nations. One caveat, however, is in order here. This must be a united voice, which has to address most acute contemporary challenges like, among others, energy security or regulation of the global financial system,” Vladimir Makei stressed.

“In making headway against pervasive problems that affect NAM nations, we will be able to reclaim unity and solidarity in political terms, which, let us be frank on that account, has of late eroded to certain extent. Then, we are not likely to face a situation when NAM countries vote against their fellow Members in various international fora. What is even more crucial, the Movement’s voice will then indeed be respected and taken into consideration by other global stakeholders,” Vladimir Makei said.