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Makei, Erdogan discuss Belarus-Turkey trade projects4 November 2013 BUCE, Turkey’s Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges to sign cooperation agreement4 November 2013 Belarus, Myanmar to cooperate in healthcare4 November 2013 Belarus President off to Turkmenistan on official visit4 November 2013 Oil product transit tariff via Belarus up 0.9% as from 1 December4 November 2013 Ecuador’s embassy in Minsk within next three months1 November 2013 Belarus, China to resist Western assaults related to human rights together1 November 2013 Union State MPs to gather in Minsk to discuss lawmaking activities1 November 2013 Visa-free regime between Belarus, Turkey expected in 2013, Makei says1 November 2013 Belarus concerned over increasing number of human rights violations in the West1 November 2013