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Foreign investments in Belarus economy 24.1% down in 2012

MINSK, 1 February (BelTA) – In 2012 foreign investors poured $14.3 billion into the real sector of the Belarus economy (apart from banks), or 24.1% down from 2011, the National Statistics Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

The main investors of Belarusian organizations were economic entities of Russia (46.7% of the received investments), the UK (25.2%), Cyprus (6.4%), and Austria (4%).

The largest sums of foreign investments were poured into trade (39.2%), transportation (27.8%), and production sector (24.4%). The city of Minsk received as much as 73.4% of the investments. Minsk Oblast accounted for 11.6% of the gross foreign investments, with the share of Gomel Oblast at 5.5%.

Foreign direct investments amounted to 72.3% of the total received foreign investments, 21.8% down from 2011. The bulk of the investments went into trade (47.3% of the FDI), transportation (36.1%), and the production sector (9.9%). In 2012 the foreign direct investments mainly came via debt instruments (88.8% of the total FDI). Accounts receivable for products, work, and services totaled $8.7 billion in the gross FDI in 2012, 24.9% down from 2011. Belarus received considerable FDI volumes taking into account sums receivable for goods and services from Russia (48.6%). Residents of the United Kingdom provided 32% of the gross FDI volume, Cyprus 4.6%, Ukraine 3.4%.

Other foreign investments (from sources other than direct investors) amounted to $3.9 billion, 29.9% down from 2011.

Meanwhile, in 2012 organizations of Belarus (apart from banks) channeled $6.1 billion in investments abroad, 10.9% up from 2011. Considerable investments were channeled into economic entities of Russia (35.8%), the UK (16.5%), Ukraine (13.8%), Netherlands (9.6%), Germany (8.2%), Switzerland (4.8%), and Austria (3.8%).

The bulk of the outbound investments was channeled by trade organizations (53%), industry organizations (36.1%), and transport organizations (9.3%).

Direct investments accounted for 67.8% of the outbound investments, 37.6% up from 2011. The outbound direct investments mainly came via debt instruments (96.4%). The largest sums of outbound direct investments were poured by trade organizations (43.6%), production sector organizations (42.9%), and transport organizations (12.2%).

In 2012 in the total volume of outbound investments accounts receivable by direct investors (residents of Belarus) totaled $4 billion, 36.4% up from 2011. Considerable volumes of direct investments taking into account sums receivable for products and services were channeled to economic entities of Russia (45.1%), the UK (24.3%), Ukraine (20%), Kazakhstan (2.4%), and Lithuania (1.9%).

Other kinds of outbound investments channeled by Belarusian corporations totaled $2 billion, 21.5% down from 2011.

The largest sums of outbound investments were channeled by corporations of the city of Minsk (67.4%), Minsk Oblast (11.7%), and Mogilev Oblast (8%).