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International Reserve Bank renamed into Eurotorginvestbank28 January 2013 Belarus creating core equipment for Egyptian satellite28 January 2013 Iranian investor plans to build housing in Belarus28 January 2013 Belarus President: Natural population growth by 2015 is a must28 January 2013 Lukashenko pledges pay rise for healthcare providers28 January 2013 Industry Ministry: No agreement on Gomselmash and Rostselmash merger yet25 January 2013 Nizhny Novgorod Oblast seeks closer ties with Belarusian regions25 January 2013 Belarus pays $35.8m in coupon yield to eurobond holders25 January 2013 Lukashenko encourages youth to pursue career in science25 January 2013 Lukashenko: Time for radical modernization of Belarusian science25 January 2013