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Belarus introduces fines for distribution of bomb-making instructions

MINSK, 26 June (BelTA) - The House of Representatives has passed the second reading of the amendments to the Administrative Offences Code and the Code of Execution Procedure, BelTA learned.

The amendments apply to several areas, and introduce Article No. 17.14 to the Administrative Offences Code. It provides for the administrative sanctions for the illegal manufacture or distribution of bomb-making instructions and other related materials.

These actions will be punishable by a fine equal to 10 to 50 base amounts. The object of the administrative offence, and also tools and means for committing this offence will be confiscated. Another sanction is an administrative arrest and confiscation of the object of the administrative offence, and also tools and means for committing this offence.

If the offender is a self-employed businessman, the fine could be between 50 to 100 base amounts. For legal entities the fine will range from 100 to 500 base amounts.

Officers of the Interior Ministry and security agencies will be entitled to make up protocols under this article. The cases related to such offences and administrative penalties will be considered by courts.

There are also proposals to adjust the provisions of the Administrative Offences Code to bring them in line with Directive No. 4 of the President of Belarus as of 31 December 2010 "On the development of entrepreneurial initiative and stimulation of business activity in the Republic of Belarus". In particular, Article 8.8 will be added to the Administrative Offences Code. It establishes that a legal entity shall be exempt from administrative responsibility if the administrative offence committed by his employee is not related to obtaining material benefits by a legal entity.

Article 9.1 of the Administrative Offences Code has been adjusted for the prevention of domestic violence. The new part will include responsibility for violent actions against a close relative or family member, if these actions do not have the elements of a crime.

An addition is introduced to Article 11.77 of the Administrative Offences Code. It establishes administrative responsibility for violations of the regulations governing procurement of goods (works, services) by legal entities whose property is in public ownership, economic societies which shares (shares in authorized funds) are state owned. Administrative responsibility is set in the form of a fine of up to 50 base amounts.

The responsibility will be introduced for failure to submit or for late submission by government official of the information and the submission of incomplete or false information about the property of the Republic of Belarus or its administrative-territorial units which is subject, according to the legislation, to the inclusion to the list of unused and inefficiently used property.

Another innovation in the Administrative Offences Code is the responsibility for improper use, or use in violation of the legislation on waste management, of the funds received in the form of fees for collecting, treatment and (or) use of waste products and packaging.

Amendments apply to the violations in the gambling sector, fare dodging in commuter trains (fines will be increased), illicit conduct of public opinion surveys, etc.