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Chizhik: Public-private partnership will promote innovation in Belarus

MINSK, 30 May (BelTA) – Public-private partnership will help promote innovation in Belarus, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB) Sergei Chizhik told media on 30 May.

According to Sergei Chizhik, public-private partnership makes a huge contribution to innovation promotion abroad. Belarus will not be an exception. “No business, no innovations,” the scientist said.

Belarus needs to attach more attention to the choice of technologies, Sergei Chizhik continued. Hence, the country needs a well-established system of scientific and technical expertise.

The country also needs to take a more active position in the transfer of technologies. “This issue is very important. In the changing world economy, management and transfer of technologies is of great significance. The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is ready to share its experience and establish contacts with foreign scientific organizations,” Sergei Chizhik said.

Mr. Jose Palacin, head of the Innovative Policies Development Section, the Economic Cooperation and Integration Division, the Economic Commission for Europe, noted that the Belarusian experience is extremely valuable for other countries. "We are very interested in everything that is happening in the country, including innovation processes. We would like to apply the Belarusian experience in addressing the challenges faced by other countries,” he said.

The international conference "Development of Technology Transfer Networks for Innovation” is held in Minsk on 30-31 May 2013. The conference has brought together specialists from eight European countries: Belarus, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova. The forum focuses on the policies, legislation, methodology and education in the field of technology transfer and protection of intellectual property rights. In addition, the conference participants discuss the advancement of innovations through technology transfer networks. Another hot topic is international tools for technology transfer: from auctions and public-private partnerships to technology transfer networks. Prospects of the youth innovative entrepreneurship, energy efficiency projects and renewable energy are on the agenda.